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Well…the search is over.

Posted in college basketball, sports on April 5, 2011 by eightball

Spent a few minutes…ok…’bout an hour reading info…watching press conference vids and basically trying to figure out who the hell is Mark Gottfried.   After all of my research I have come to the following….Gottfried has been to the NCAA tourney and spent more time at #1 in the polls then our last 3 coaches…..COMBINED.  So what the hell am I worried about…he’s got to be a step up from the cellar…which is where my Wolfpack have been since…since…well…since fordamnever.  Well, I say…welcome Mark Gottfried to NC State…where…if you make the tourney 3 out of 5 years, beat Duke once every 4 years and UNC-CH every two/three years…and at least keep the team in the top 5 of the ACC…you’ll get to retire in Raleigh.

Eightball out.


An open letter to Kyrie Irving, Harrison Barnes, etc.

Posted in college basketball, sports on April 4, 2011 by cueball

Please come back for at least one more season of college basketball, if only to save us from another championship game with two teams barely combining for 40 points at half.

With you guys and others (thank you Jared Sullinger) coming back it is possible the championship game could pit two teams that can hit jump shots against each other.

We can only hope.


Are ya kidding me.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 4, 2011 by eightball

Ok…I’ll get to explaining who I am later…right now I need to vent. As an NC State fan I feel like a Big-Boned girl with two hot friends at the dance. The two hot friends are from Durham and Chapel Hill. I would be hot if I wasn’t standing beside those two bitches…… Who wants to dance with the Hot Big-Boned girl from Raleigh.

Is there a coach out there with the testicle fortitude to look those two hot bitches in the eye and say, “Bring it the hell on.”

Eightball out.