New Blog

Stay tuned for a new blog.  I’m the Cue Ball and Terry is the Eight Ball.  Trust me.  It will become clear what that means as we go along.  Just think about and you might get it before we start.  Lets just say its a little against what you might expect.  And that is the point what we are going for.

I do want to say, I’m a proud UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and Terry is a died in the wolf NC State fan, but this won’t always be about sports.  But it will be a big part.  We are both single guys, what do you expect?   We are both waiting for the premiere of ESPN Ocho.  The world wide leader is at seven it is inevitable.

We will have witty banter from blog posts and a podcast for the future.

Technically, I’m (Ryan) the black liberal from UNC and Terry is the conservative fan of NC State.  We will talk about beer, bourbon, hunting, sports, and whatever else pops up.

Stay tuned for new posts this week.

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